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Colosence Super Colostrum the optimal health supplement made from pure and fresh bovine colostrum taken from natural grass-fed cows during the first six-Hour after delivery, with a special formulation with the goal to providing all natural nutrients your body needs.

Some people refer to bovine colostrums as “Liquid Gold” and “Forgotten Miracle”

It is low in sugar and fat but it is full of antibodies and contains large amounts of proteins, carbohydrate, oligosaccharides, immunoglobulins, growth factors, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and anti-microbial compounds

Colosence Super Colostrum is imported from the United States, manufactured and developed by nutrition experts in Health Genesis corporation, USA.

In Health Genesis corporation, they thrive on a longstanding reputation of excellence as a manufacturer and supplier of health and natural products. Health Genesis products are highly regarded and well trusted, making them international market leaders.

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Colosence Super Colostrum supplements fully meet the strict standards of quality, health and safety required by the international organizations in the USA, FDA (Food and drug administration), GMP (Good manufacturing practices) and NSF.

The product is designed using vegetarian capsules which are created from cellulose.

Our valued customers in Vietnam and from across the globe can rely on us for the best in life enhancing food supplements and organic products to fit any healthy lifestyle